Chop Saws Are Game Changers

A few or six months ago I decided it was high time to double my furniture and build a bookshelf.

After some rough sketches, it became abundantly clear that my furniture-making skills hovered slightly above zero. Luckily my buddy Aeray over on Instructables was able to lend a hand.

I used Aeray’s instructions to build a bed a few years back. Aside from drilling in reverse for 30 minutes (probably a personal issue), I had few issues with his instructions and figured throwing my lot with his low-waste bookshelf plan was a good bet.

It was.



I also got to use a chop saw, which is a magical, dangerous beast.


Game changer, right here.

Aeray’s plans specialize in low-waste, and they are, provided you don’t buy twice as much all-thread rod like I did. I’m very attracted to the words “low-waste” because they sound synonymous with the word “cheap.” If I’m honest, an IKEA bookshelf is probably cheaper. But this was way more fun and will probably last longer.


Cleverly held in place with all-thread rod. Every set of two legs is connected by the rods. The actual shelves are set on top of the rods. This bookshelf can be assembled and disassembled in minutes, which is terrific. But it, like the bed, is ridiculously sturdy. Zero wobbles!

In fact, I was so excited about Bookshelf #1 that I built a slightly-larger Bookshelf #2 for my office.



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