Oil Changing Adventures

Throw back to that time back in in September when I decided to try my first solo car oil change. It might have taken multiple hours spread over multiple days, a thousand trips to a thousand stores, and my very own membership to the MUD Tool Library, but Solo Oil Change #1 was a success. Also, God bless YouTube.


Apparently this was not all I needed to change the oil in my car.

I spent the first three hours of the oil change wedged under my car trying to pry the skid plate off. During this time, my car and I became very close, my vocabulary became very colorful, and I learned two very important things about my car:

  1. Apparently my car’s skid plate is held in place with Torx screws, which are not make-believe pieces of hardware, and apparently they require a Torx screwdriver, which is not a make-believe tool. Fascinating.
  2. Despite both my best efforts and freakishly long arms, I still couldn’t reach the drain plug of my low-to-the-ground-scrape-everything car. So I broke down and bought some second-hand ramps. God also bless Home Resource.

The genius who started Home Resource deserves multiple high fives.

With the help of both my new-old ramps and on-loan MUD Torx screwdriver, I finally got the skid plate off and discovered the head of the drain plug was slightly stripped and refusing to come off.

Which is when I promptly threw my hands in the air and drove over to Emma and Keith’s because Emma and Keith always save the day. Big thanks to Keith for loaning me his breaker bar and file, and for the pep talks. And his and Emma’s driveway.

Fun Numbers:

  • Oil Change Prep Time: 8+ hours spread over two days
  • Actual Oil Change Time: 30 minutes
  • Money Spent: Don’t even start.

Through My Headphones
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*Shots -Imagine Dragons
*Dream -Imagine Dragons


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