What The Heck Is MOB?


This is me! Sometimes I look like this.

My name is Kat! Welcome to My Other Backyard. I am a photojournalism graduate from the University of Montana. I really like traveling, the outdoors, craft projects, baking, and sustainable-ish living, and because I am a millennial, I must document it all. And lo, now you know the story of how My Other Backyard came to be!

My own backyards have been filled with chickens in Wisconsin, mountains in Montana, lobster boats in Maine, humpback whales in Alaska, beaches in Washington, an actual backyard in Kansas, and an absolutely terrifying neighbor dog in Tennessee. I like to describe myself as a sometimes-adventurer, although I’m a wee bit boring on the day-to-day basis. I’m also a champion at DIY mistakes and a firm supporter of double plaid.

Photo on 2013-05-24 at 08.30 #2

This is also me. Usually I look like this. Minus the cat.

Some fun things I’ve done:

  • Worked in Alaska!
  • Made multiple mediocre compost bins!
  • Worked at a nonprofit in Kansas!
  • Made homemade cheesy crackers!
  • Adopted a cat!
  • Lived in a convent with Catholic Sisters!
  • Worked at a nonprofit in Tennessee!
  • Learned to quilt pillows and cross stitch!
  • Hiked a bit of the Pacific Crest Trail!

Besides this blog, also do freelance writing and photography. You should hire me. I have a really nice smile and a firm handshake.

All photographs are ©Kat Franchino unless noted. No photograph or text may be used without permission. If you use content without permission, I’ll cry and probably send you a really sad, guilt-inducing email. Instead, just ask! For permission, questions, or if you want me to photograph or write for you, contact me at my ancient email address: katfranchino@yahoo.com

8 thoughts on “What The Heck Is MOB?

  1. I thought I had your email but I guess I don’t. I have a few fun links I think you will like but don’t want to spam the hell out of your blog, Big Girl Dress Code 🙂

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