English Muffins

I’ve been watching entirely too much Great British Bake Off as of late, which has prompted me to add three bread-based goals to the Spring 2017 To Do List. One of these bread-based goals is to make English muffins, so last night I set about making English muffins using the recipe found in the More-With-Less Cookbook.

This was the third time I’ve attempted English muffins, and the third time they’ve gone disastrously wrong. Last night’s baking errors included various muffin sizes, burned outsides, doughy insides, and smoking out the entire first floor of the house.

They don’t taste terrible, but I certainly won’t be feeding them to anyone else.

For all three of my attempts I’ve used my cast iron skillet on medium heat, but since finding Cherie’s blog, I might set my roommate’s electric skillet to 350 and give that a whirl. Based on her photos, it appears that Cherie has had much better results with the recipe.

20170320_English Muffins_01

Best of the sad bunch

Through My Headphones
*In Hell I’ll Be Good Company -The Dead South
*Ribs -Lorde
*Green Light -Lorde


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