DIY Newspaper Garbage Bag

In the several weeks I’ve lived here in Memphis, I’ve collected approximately 946,839,592 Memphis Flyers. Clearly a project needed to be had.

Emma, being the crafty pants she is, mentioned how you can make garbage bags out of newspaper. That sounded like a swell idea, so I took all the Memphis Flyers I could find, including the one Koz likes to sleep on, and set to work. I modeled my garbage bag off this nifty little tutorial.

Note: This is for a small trash can, but just make a bigger newspaper square if you have a big trash can.

Project Materials

*Newspaper (The Memphis Flyer is made up of half sheets, but full-sized newspaper probably holds together better.)

Project Instructions

1. Lay a sheet of newspaper down. Lay a second piece in the middle of that. Lay a third piece in the middle of that.
2. Repeat for a second row. You should have created a square-like newspaper thing.
3. Go back to the upper-left hand corner and repeat steps 1 – 2.
4. Repeat. Whew. OK. You should have three layers of newspaper now.

Three sheets of overlapping newspaper!

5. Take the upper-left hand corner and fold to the lower-right hand corner to make a triangle. Crease well! The half sheets make it tricky, since they like to disengage themselves. Do not despair!


Triangle success.

6. Take the bottom-left hand corner and fold it to the middle. See Photo #1
7. Take the top corner and fold it to the bottom-left hand corner to create a pentagon. See Photo #2
8. There should be six loose sheets at the top of your pentagon. Take three and fold them down. See Photo #3
9. Turn it over and fold the remaining three down. See Photo #4


Photos #1, #2, #3, and #4

10. Open it up and put it in your tiny trash can.


Tiny newspaper garbage bag
Through My Headphones
*Black Dress -Builders And The Butchers


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