Wallowing And Dusty Floors

I have a good number of photos that I feel zero inspiration toward and, as a result, have done absolutely nothing with. I was at a blog post loss and wallowing, so I did the first logical thought that came into my head and moved everything out of the bedroom.


Sakes alive was the floor ever dusty.


On a side note, Anne’s relaunching Without Boxes and asked if I’d like to contribute. Duh, of course. A photo was needed, so I figured that I might as well take advantage of the empty room. Per usual I overachieved at self-portraiting and photographed myself in all three of the outfits I own, making the only face I ever do.


Once upon a time a year ago I sewed this dress out of a bed sheet and never finished it. It’s sort of Alice In Wonderland-y, twirls nicely, and is still terribly unfinished.


My boyfriend found some paper parasols for me to photograph with. That was very nice of him.


In my ideal world, I wear overalls every day all day.


Through My Headphones
*No Trace -MS MR


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