Bear Creek Overlook (Take Two)

The day after our delightful Turquoise Lake jaunt, I dragged the hiking crew up to Bear Creek Overlook.

It should be briefly noted that I have a terrible habit of providing unnecessary commentary and completely misestimating our times of arrival.

Actual Conversation
Me: It’s really opening up through those trees. We’re almost there.
(5 minutes later)
Me: So it’s just around this bend. Definitely opening up.
(5 minutes later)
Me: OK, so it’s really just around this bend. For sure opening up through those trees.
(5 minutes later)
Me: Basically there. Any minute now.

My fellow hikers disapproved of my commentary and, if I’m to be rather honest, were quite vocal about their disapproval.

20170702_Bear Creek Overlook_low res_01

Discussing my commentary and their shared disapproval of it.

Took months, but we finally got Micah on the T. Swift train.
Through My Headphones
*…Ready For It? -Taylor Swift
*Unforgettable -French Montana ft. Swae Lee & Mariah Carey
*Cocoon -Milky Chance
*Friends -Justin Bieber & BloodPop®
*Bloodstream -Ed Sheeran


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