Jewel Basin: Summer Edition

Last November, Micah and I decided that the best way to spend a Saturday was to drive up to Jewel Basin and trudge through multiple feet of snow for 8 or 9 miles. The hike was spectacular, although our wee legs nearly died. Trudging through snow is hard work I tell you.

Naturally Jewel Basin made it to the 2017 Summer Hiking List because as terrific as it was in the snow, Jewel Basin sounded a lot more wonderful in the summer.

Off we went toward the Mt. Aeneas summit! But first we bopped around on some side trails.

As we approached the summit, we came across a whole posse of mountain goats including an extremely adorable baby mountain goat. We gave our new friends a wide berth.

Wildlife friendships are at their best when given a wide berth.

20170715_Jewel Basin_low res_01

A well-muscled goat.

20170715_Jewel Basin_low res_06

View from the Mt. Aeneas summit!

20170715_Jewel Basin_low res_03

Bopping around on this ridge. Pondering how to get to the trail below.

Just a little side-by-side trail comparison. July vs. November.

Through My Headphones
*Perfect Places -Lorde
*Younger Now -Miley Cyrus


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