Pink Kitchen Cupboards

In an effort to distract myself from yet another absolutely terrible election (one candidate wrote a poem that used a woman’s body as a metaphor for Montana, the other candidate body slammed a reporter, neither have political experience—the usual), I’ve decided to share some photos when Emma and I airbrushed kitchen cupboards.

Emma’s retro-renovating her house, which means there’s lots of neat 1950s stuff, like these metal cabinets, floating around her home.

20170521_Kitchen Cupboards_01

Sanding these was wretched. I sanded a whole 2% of them. Emma and Keith really did the work.

20170521_Kitchen Cupboards_02

Making sure that original year sticker is covered up well!

20170521_Kitchen Cupboards_03

Turning cupboards pink!

20170521_Kitchen Cupboards_04

Through My Headphones
*Don’t Save Me -HAIM
*Malibu -Miley Cyrus


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