Easter Adventures in the Bitterroot

The goal was to go up to Glacier and bike this weekend. Alas, somewhere between Muralt’s and the Polson Walmart, I lost my wallet. After half a tank of gas, zero dollars, and four hours of driving (two of which were spent driving between Ronan and Arlee an obscene number of times), I’ve returned to Missoula and am now moping in front of the computer writing lost & found ads.

And praying to St. Anthony.


I’ve at least found some comfort in knowing that the last things I bought before my wallet disappeared were my mandatory road trip egg salad sandwich and Arizona ice tea.

Here, have some photos from when Micah and I celebrated Easter in the Bitterroot and blasted the same three songs for seven hours. Oh, and also a podcast on the Korean pop music scene, although we played that at normal volume.

Pretty sure I lost a lot of my hearing that trip, but it was for a good cause. Namely Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE. which is most unfortunately not on Youtube. I’m managing by listening to a lot of covers.

20170416_Canyon Creek_low res_03

We’re apparently incapable of doing snowless hikes. This stuff was post-hole central and hurt. Snow can be super sharp. Who knew? My wee little shins do now.

Micah had packed two peanut butter sandwiches for the journey and I assumed, falsely as it turns out, that one was mine. Luckily I’m a very quick eater and it was mostly gone by the time Micah informed me otherwise.

20170416_Canyon Creek_low res_01

Easter adventures!

At some point the trail disappeared entirely and we gave our trust to a set of footprints off to the side. Eventually the footprints disappeared, and then somehow Micah crossed the creek via a snow bridge and the return trip back was debatable. We survived.

20170416_Canyon Creek_low res_02

Around time of the snow bridge crossing.

After a few false starts, we gave up trying to find the trail and post-holed our way back to the trailhead. My legs are still covered in bruises.

Then we went on a post-hike hike up to Blodgett Canyon Overlook for some utterly majestic views.

20170416_Blodgett Canyon_low res_01

Post-hike victory hike!

Kendrick Lamar’s LOVE. with Zacari may be my most favorite song of the current moment. Here’s a pretty fabulous cover.

Through Our Hikin’ Headphones
*LOVE. (cover) -Ceresia
*The Cure -Lady Gaga
*Real Love -Hillsong

Also Through My Headphones
*Monster -The Revivalists
*Feel It Still -Portugal. The Man


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