A Visit To Ch-paa-qn Peak

Several months ago, Micah and I planned out our hiking agenda for the entire summer. This is because we are very proactive people.

We followed that schedule religiously there for a bit, but fire season is upon us and, with fires and smoke everywhere now, our weekend hikes have dwindled to zero. I haven’t coughed up a lung yet, but the day is surely coming.

Throwback to our hike up Ch-paa-qn Peak several months ago. Spectacular views, spectacular people, spectacular air quality. Plus, we saw a moose.

The hike to the summit isn’t very long, but it was a tad steeper than anticipated. We might have blasted Miley Cyrus’ It’s the Climb once we summited.

Zero shame.

20170625_Ch-paa-qn_low res_01

Throwback to clearer skies.

Through My Headphones
*The Village -Wrabel


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