Thanks, Food

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My work (the ever-wonderful Church Health Center, see below) runs a cooking class, which is nice for a plethora of reasons, but there are two that directly affect me:

1. I get to photograph food.
2. And then I get to eat the food.

Thank you, Sammie, for making food that is both aesthetically-pleasing and tasty.


Open-face veggie sandwich


Watermelon “steak” salad, which isn’t even really steak! How fabulous is that?? Be still my watermelon-loving heart.



The fabulous Church Health Center serves uninsured and working Memphians through its medical and dental clinics, gym, farmers market, cooking and nutrition classes and more. You should probably look into it. Or, if you have a second, check out Antony Sheehan’s blog and read the CHC president’s thoughts on leaving England, joining the Church Health Center and Gangham style. Thanks Antony. And no, that is not going to leave my head for the rest of the day, no matter how hard I try.


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*Nuit 17 à 52 -Christine & The Queens

Playing For Change And Overall Envy

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I am currently seeking freelance writing/photography gigs. Think I’d be a great freelance fit for your company or publication? Shoot me an email and let’s talk! Live in Memphis? Let’s meet up!

Trip to Levitt Shell with Mira to watch Playing For Change!


Overall envy was experienced by all. Or at least by me. Whatever.

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Panzanella’s Just A Fancy Word For Salad

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I started a new job recently. Most of its responsibilities don’t require photographing, but occasionally I’m allowed to sneak into cooking classes, like this one for peach and corn panzanella salad, to take some photos.

(I had to look up the definition of panzanella, by the by. Using the words panzanella and salad together might be a bit redundant, but who knows. Besides, the salad is rather scrumptious.)




Peach And Corn Panzanella Salad 6 servings
Courtesy of the Wellness Center

*1 mini loaf of crusty grain bread
*Olive oil
*1/4 tsp. salt
*2 ears of corn
*2 medium tomatoes, chopped
*3 peaches, chopped
*15 oz. cannelli beans
*1/2c low-fat feta cheese

1. Pulse bread in food processor or chop coarsely
2. Heat a little oil over medium heat. Add bread and salt. Toss until crispy (about 3 minutes).
3. Place corn (with husk) in microwave. Cook for 30 seconds, flip to opposite site, cook for 1 minute. Cut corn off cob and put in bowl.
4. Add tomatoes and peaches. Mix.
5. Drain and rinse beans. Add.
6. Add bread and 2 tbs. olive oil. Toss.
7. Add feta cheese and serve at room temperature.


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*Resurrection Fern -Iron & Wine

I Cannot Afro Dance (Adventures With Mira)

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Once upon a time, I met Mira through Volunteer Odyssey This was swell for a variety of reasons. For one, Mira likes nonprofits, community change and all that nonsense. Let the nonprofit gabfest commence.

Mira is also something I’m not. Mira is a planner. Planners are excellent people to be friends with. With planner friends, you usually wind up doing awesome things like spending your Saturday trying to Afro dance over at the Water Tower Pavilion and failing miserably.


This girl did not fail at Afro dance. Perhaps this is because she was the instructor.


Chalking things up. Go, Mira, go!

20140608_Afro_Dance_07Right before the storm set it.

Thanks to Axel for the music.

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Memphis Farmers Market 101

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I recently decided a good way to spend the wee hours of Saturday morning would be by volunteering at the Memphis Farmers Market. Well, actually Sarah over at Volunteer Odyssey (who has kindly introduced me to several incredible Memphis nonprofits) suggested the market; I just picked the time. I’m here to tell you it was a fantastic choice.

Here’s a deep, dark secret: I love getting up early. You know, once I’m actually out of bed. It’s the whole getting-out-of-bed part that’s hard. Sometime after sleeping through all five alarms, I jolted awake at 5:38 a.m. and made a mad dash over to the market, barely making the 6 a.m. call. Whew.

Let’s start with some fun facts.

1. The downtown Memphis Farmers Market is hosted out of the Amtrak station.

20140607_Farmers_Market_07Perusing the market in the early hours.

2. Gale is a whiz at the credit card reader. I am not.

20140607_Farmers_Market_06Gale also has Instagram and several blogs. Working my flip phone is an immense challenge and I can barely keep my one blog under control. I plan to stick by Gale and learn her secrets.

3. SNAP/EBT cards are accepted at the market. Whaaaaaaaa!

20140607_Farmers_Market_04Just plain ol’ regular tokens. The SNAP ones, which are only worth a dollar a piece, look mighty similar though.


I think that’s it for fun facts. Here, have some produce.




Music courtesy of Anne.

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Container Park, Nevada, And Big Slides

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Vacation to Nevada with Erica and Russell! I’d never been to Nevada before and was desperate to see the Bonneville Salt Flats over in nearby Utah. Unfortunately, Utah’s a little farther away than I anticipated, so we settled with a trip to Container Park. Much of Container Park is made from old metal shipping containers. Also, there’s a playground with a  30 foot slide.


Here’s a praying mantis.


And also a list of rules we were keen to follow.


Russell and Erica



20140531_Las_Vegas_Container_Park_02Also, here’s some side of a building.
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Cabins (Adventures In May)

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Somewhere in between completely unnecessary naps and the countless hours on my back staring at the ceiling trying to motivate myself to do something, I pulled myself together for a stern pep talk. It went something like: For crying out loud, the least you could do is catch up on blogging.

So true.

Back in May, Anne and her friend Emma visited. Anne and I brainstormed some ideas to get Without Boxes up and running again (Help us out! Click the link!), but eventually an adventure was needed to be have, so off to Shelby Country Forest we went.


Perusing an abandoned cabin20140505_Shelby_Forest_01

20140505_Shelby_Forest_03Anne and Emma

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DIY Newspaper Garbage Bag

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In the several weeks I’ve lived here in Memphis, I’ve collected approximately 946,839,592 Memphis Flyers. Clearly a project needed to be had.

Emma, being the crafty pants she is, mentioned how you can make garbage bags out of newspaper. That sounded like a swell idea, so I took all the Memphis Flyers I could find, including the one Koz likes to sleep on, and set to work. I modeled my garbage bag off this nifty little tutorial.

Note: This is for a small trash can, but just make a bigger newspaper square if you have a big trash can.

Project Materials

*Newspaper (The Memphis Flyer is made up of half sheets, but full-sized newspaper probably holds together better.)

Project Instructions

1. Lay a sheet of newspaper down. Lay a second piece in the middle of that. Lay a third piece in the middle of that.
2. Repeat for a second row. You should have created a square-like newspaper thing.
3. Go back to the upper-left hand corner and repeat steps 1 – 2.
4. Repeat. Whew. OK. You should have three layers of newspaper now.

Three sheets of overlapping newspaper!

5. Take the upper-left hand corner and fold to the lower-right hand corner to make a triangle. Crease well! The half sheets make it tricky, since they like to disengage themselves. Do not despair!


Triangle success.

6. Take the bottom-left hand corner and fold it to the middle. See Photo #1
7. Take the top corner and fold it to the bottom-left hand corner to create a pentagon. See Photo #2
8. There should be six loose sheets at the top of your pentagon. Take three and fold them down. See Photo #3
9. Turn it over and fold the remaining three down. See Photo #4


Photos #1, #2, #3, and #4

10. Open it up and put it in your tiny trash can.


Tiny newspaper garbage bag
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Wallowing And Dusty Floors

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I have a good number of photos that I feel zero inspiration toward and, as a result, have done absolutely nothing with. I was at a blog post loss and wallowing, so I did the first logical thought that came into my head and moved everything out of the bedroom.


Sakes alive was the floor ever dusty.


On a side note, Anne’s relaunching Without Boxes and asked if I’d like to contribute. Duh, of course. A photo was needed, so I figured that I might as well take advantage of the empty room. Per usual I overachieved at self-portraiting and photographed myself in all three of the outfits I own, making the only face I ever do.


Once upon a time a year ago I sewed this dress out of a bed sheet and never finished it. It’s sort of Alice In Wonderland-y, twirls nicely, and is still terribly unfinished.


My boyfriend found some paper parasols for me to photograph with. That was very nice of him.


In my ideal world, I wear overalls every day all day.


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Last Week I Made Some Shelves (Or, I Still Don’t Have Chairs)

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I moved to Tennessee with two big boxes of clothes and no dresser. As I mentioned before, a practical person would’ve bought a dresser. Or maybe a practical person would’ve accepted the fact that she only wears two outfits and gotten rid of everything else. Instead I built some shelves. I wanted to build a dresser, but fear overtook me, plus there were already some boards in place.

This isn’t a very well-documented DIY instructional post. My closet is awkward and so all my photos are at awkward angles. There is also no before photo, because the before photo just looks like a wall. Instead, this will be a very DIY guidelines post.

Home Depot and I became good buddies during this project, but I’m sure you can find lumber much more cheaply and possible second-hand on Craigslist or Freecycle.

Project Materials
*Lumber (I used 3/4″ X 1″ X length needed for the shelf support boards and 1″ X 4″ X length needed for the actual shelf)
*Drill and drill bit
*Stud finder
*Sandpaper (I used 150 grit since that was what was on hand)
*Pencil, Sharpie marker
*Paint and paint brush (optional)

1. Use a pencil and mark where on the wall you want your shelf to be. Measure the lengths. You’ll need to know the length you want the support boards to be, which should be two separate measurements (one measurement for Wall #2, one measurement for Walls #1 & #3 as pictured below). The support boards will hold your actual shelf board up. The length of Walls #1 & #3 will also be the width of your shelf. (Does that make sense? I feel like if I were reading this, I’d just give up after that sentence and go look at the photos below.)
2. Purchase lumber and cut it to size. The Home Depot I went to had a self-service cutting station with a bunch of handsaws. After spending nearly an hour trying to cut the boards with a very dull handsaw so they’d fit in my car, I gave up, stuff the remaining lumber in my car, went home, made a sawhorse out of some tubs and cut the remaining boards in about three seconds with my not-so-dull saw.
2. Use a stud finder and mark where studs are. Don’t just drill into plaster. That’s silly. You want to make sure you’re screwing your support boards into something solid. Like a wall stud.
3. Hold your perfectly-cut lumber against the wall, make sure it’s level, and pre-drill where the studs are. Good news -I only pre-drilled in reverse once this time around.
4. Drill a screw into your pre-drilled hole and into the stud. Make sure it’s still level and drill the remaining screws in.
5. Do this for Walls #1, #2, and #3.
6. Sand all boards, including the shelf board. If you plan to paint, paint the boards.
7. Once the paint is dry, place the large shelf board on the support boards. Ta da! Shelf. Repeat for as many shelves as you’d like.

Photo on 2014-05-14 at 11.17
While writing this instructional out, I realized an illustration might be nice, so I drew one. I got overwhelmed about actually taking my camera out of its bag, but Photo Booth came to the rescue. Walls #1, #2, #3. Support boards for Walls #1 and #3 will be the same length (Length “B”). The Wall #2 support board is indicated by Length “A.”

Well hey there, drill. We meet again.

I didn’t have a sawhorse and no longer have a washer and dryer that I can use as substitutes, so I made my own with Blue Tubs #1 and #2.


Levels are important.



Sanding boards.20140430_Closet_Shelves_03


See that newspaper to catch paint drips? That’s known as responsibility.


I still don’t have chairs, so Blue Tub #1 came in handy again when painting the way-up-there-high shelves.



Shelves, officially painted.20140502_Shelves_02


Shelves, officially filled.


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*Let Me Go -HAIM


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