Garnet Ghost Town (Winter Pt. 1)

A few months ago, the roommates and I joined a group heading to Garnet Ghost Town via cross country skis. This trip marked perhaps the fifth time I’d ever ventured forth on skis.

Naturally, we ascended the forest road leading to Garnet in the dark with packs on our backs. I can only assume that Kat-at-the-Grocery-Store wasn’t thinking when she purchased, among other foolish food items, a tub of hummus. Gracious hummus is heavy.

The trek was a bit long (3 hours, 4 miles—something painfully slow like that). Luckily Kay was a terrific sport and a patient guide. A very patient guide.

I might have brought up the rear.

We eventually made it up to the cabins where the rest of the group, having arrived earlier in the day, had already built a delightful fire.

The following day we struck out on skis. Our group was filled with very good skiers and, like Kay, very patient skiers. Thank fortune. I spent a large portion of the day trying to get back on my feet.

At one point we came across a stuck snowmobiler. The group pulled his snow mobile out of the snow. As someone who recognizes her strengths (or lack thereof), I stood on the sidelines and cheered them on.

After lunch, most of the group struck out for Round #2. The roommates and I stayed behind with Liz, who helped us learn to cross country ski downhill. It was a hot mess of a situation, but we made it down in one piece.

We were able to use our newfound downhill ski skills the following day as we returned to Kay’s truck. We took an alternate route (3 hours, 5 miles) that was mostly downhill. It was on the return trip that I discovered the easiest way to stop is actually to ski straight into snowbanks.

Actual Conversation Several Days Later
Liz: Did you guys make it down OK?
Me: Sure did!
Liz: Oh good! We saw a lot of…abrupt stops.
Me: Ah, yes. We might have fallen a few times.

Combined, my roommates and I collected an impressive number of bruises.

We eventually got back to the truck and back to town where I promptly returned my borrowed ski set and started a frantic search for skis of my own. Thanks to Keith’s incredible Craiglisting skills, I’m now the proud owner of two sets of skis and also a pair of boots, all for the low, low price of $35. Emma and I gave them a test run by skiing to her office at the tender hour of 6:30 a.m.

Alas, the snow is starting to melt, but here’s to Winter 2020!

Also, Young the Giant was terrific in concert.

Through My Headphones
Amerika -Young the Giant
Titus Was Born -Young the Giant

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