2018 Recap (Part 2)

Let’s talk about perhaps one of the most important parts of 2018—I finally got that backpack zipper down. A couple years ago, I discovered The Green Pepper‘s backpack pattern and have been on a backpack-sewing kick ever since then.

I mean, what else am I supposed to do with the bajillion bedsheets I’ve picked up at Bargain Corner? Sometimes you just can’t resist a paisley print.

Continuing. There have been a few bumps along the way, but, five backpacks in, my backpack zipper confidence is in a good place.


Zipper success!

Last year’s Fourth of July was pretty weak. (This is mostly because I tripped on my own sandals and fell down the world’s tiniest gravel hill in front of an obscene number of people. I still have scars. This is 100% a true story.) Naturally, we had to make up for last year’s terrible experience and so we set out for St. Mary’s Peak.

Afterward rolling off the summit, we rolled up to Emma’s for some incredible Syrian food, plus fireworks. Recipes courtesy of Our Syrian: Recipes from Home cookbook. I’m here to tell you those recipes are dang tasty and you should purchase this book immediately. Or, if you’re like me and can’t cook, be friends with someone who owns a copy.

Emma’s really good at cooking delicious food and making it look pretty.

I’m really good at cooking cheese quesadillas and not burning them. Usually.

Also, Ryan and Kerstin had another kiddo and she’s real cute. Here we all are at their gender reveal party that happened a million months ago when the weather was still warm.


You know what’s interesting? How easy it is to follow the Pyramid Lake trail when it’s not covered in snow.

After a few months, work schedules straightened out a bit, and so the hiking crew got off work, piled into the car, and headed east to Beehive Basin, camping somewhere around Butte for the night.

Driving down never-ending dirt roads in the dark is always a little uncomfortable. So is pitching your tent in the dark in what you think is a camping spot, but then you wake up the following morning and discovered it’s actually just a flat spot next to a pit toilet.

Beehive Basin was all sorts of pretty. Definitely a Top Ten.

20180719_beehive basin_03

Looking back.

20180719_beehive basin_04

Windy and cold.

20180719_beehive basin_05

Heading back.

Midway through the summer we scooped up Meg and made our way to Cracker Lake. Or rather, we tried to make our way to Cracker Lake. Turns out the Many Glacier area was so crowded that the rangers were turning everyone away.

So we backtracked to Rising Sun and instead hiked to Otokomi Lake, which we practically had to ourselves—a much better decision.

Three seconds after I took this photo, I successfully pitched my camera into a stream and it promptly died.

20180721_otokomi lake_01

First and last photo of the day.

After sprinting back to the car, soggy camera in hand, I dragged everyone to every store in the area in search of rice to rejuvenate the camera (God bless the Minute Rice). After multiple failed attempts to find a camping site, we ended up camping in Megan’s parents’ living room and watching Jumanji and it was everything.

Autumn was downright pretty this year. I have zero photos. However, here are a few photos of some good, old community empowerment stuff that happened.

This year’s Christmas presents involved pickled onions, pickled carrot coins, pickled carrot sticks, and this charcuterie board—design courtesy of Bear Dog Designs.

Because I’m cheap, I bought all materials from Home Resource for a couple of dollars. I felt a bit mixed over the wooden cabinet handles, but then I sanded off their stain, rubbed a little Tung oil on it, polyurethaned, and actually liked it quite a bit. Verdict’s still out on the pickles.

20181220_pickled veggies_01


A number of years ago, Koz was introduced to a Christmas tree. He promptly started eating it and that was the end of Christmas trees. This year, we decided to get a tiny fake tree to see if that would fare better.

It didn’t, and so the tree retired to my closet where it now permanently lives.

20181201_bear and the christmas tree_high res_01

Bear, shortly before he started nibbling branches.

Here are a few more new-to-me songs that I listened to a lot in 2018:

Through My Headphones

*Lit Up -The Bamboos
*Hollywood Forever -K.Flay
*Síguelo Bailando -Ozuna
*This Is America -Childish Gambino
*Human Being -Robyn featuring Zhala
*Django Jane -Janelle Monáe
*You’re Somebody Else -flora cash
*Icon -Jaden Smith
*Nevermind -Dennis Llyod
*3 Nights -Dominic Fike
*Somebody To Love -Abhi The Nomad
*About You -G Flip
*Call Me Back -Young The Giant
*You Worry Me -Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
*Blur -MØ featuring Foster The People
*Holy -King Princess

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