2018 Recap (Part 1)

2018 started strong with a million and one plumbing issues. It should be noted that 2018 also ended strong with a million and one plumbing issues. Cheers to 2019.

Changing shower valve stems—the extent of my plumbing skills

To distract ourselves from the plethora of plumbing issues, we decided Koz needed a friend. Enter Beatrice. Adopting Beatrice was a definitely an A+ decision. Shoutout to Shannon for the introduction.

20181209_beatrice_low res_01

Very curious.

Beatrice quickly cemented her role as the house’s Most Curious Kitten, quickly followed by the house’s Most Expensive Kitten. Bless her and her tiny broken leg. Luckily she was quite positive about the whole ordeal. A decorative cast certainly helped.

2018_beatrice broken leg_01.1

Consequences of being curious.

Pretty sure you have to do something at least twice to deem it a tradition, so, in an effort to start a tradition, I once again headed to Glacier with my bike and tent.

Storms moved in shortly after I crawled into my tent for the night. Because I am exactly 2% brave, I flat-out hauled myself and the fully-assembled tent down the hill in the dark to a lower spot the second I spotted lightening across the lake.


Campsite #1. Not pictured: lightening.

Similar to last year, I had Going-to-the-Sun Road mostly to myself, although I suspect this year’s empty road was due to less-than-favorable weather conditions rather than an early start. Rain, hail, and snow all made appearances, and even rainpants couldn’t save the day. Thoroughly soaked, I turned around at the Loop.

This actually turned out to be a solid decision as my tire tube unexpectedly blew in the backseat of my car on the drive home and scared me utterly silly until I figured out what had happened.

20180616_biking going to the sun_01

Going-to-the-Sun: A Soggy Journey

Also, I’ve driven past this place a million and one times and never once stopped, so I decided I might as well pull over and see what it was. Turns out it’s the Ten Commandments Park. All sorts of fascinating.

20180616_ten commandments park_01

Ten Commandments Park

The next weekend, Sam and Laura visited Montana, so naturally it was time for Glacier Round #2. I dragged Svein along this time. More rain and clouds and whatnot, but that just meant we had Going-to-the-Sun to ourselves on opening day.


Going-to-the-Sun: A Foggy Journey


Wee bit of snow along the road.


Laura and Sam!

Then I made everyone hike to Iceberg Lake where we saw a beaver badger marmot.


Trekking to Iceberg Lake.



This guy joined us for the journey and that was real swell.


Sam brought his plaid game this time. Thank fortune.

Hiking crew trips were a little more sporadic this year thanks to some truly terrible work schedules, but we found stand-in crew members as needed and still managed a few trips.

For Trip #1, we headed out to Pyramid Lake. Snow was an issue and we eventually turned around a few miles from the lake. NEXT TIME.

20180526_pyramid lake_02

A strong start to Pyramid Lake…

20180526_pyramid lake_01

…followed by a strong stop.

Checking out Sweeney Ridge Trail with Micah and Chelsea. Morel mushrooms for days!

20180630_sweeney ridge trail_02

Sweeney Ridge!

20180630_sweeney ridge trail_01

Views for days.

In an effort to increase my furniture count, I also built a mediocre table. It’s a bit wobbly, but hasn’t collapsed yet, so I’m calling it a success.

2018_kitchen table_03

Turns out that clamps are very essential when assembling mediocre tables.

2018_kitchen table_05

Getting ready to put legs on the table

2018_kitchen table_06

Mostly sturdy.

A few songs that I listened to a lot in 2018. Micah finally got me on the Ariana Grande train.

Through My Headphones

*Superposition -Young the Giant
*Killing My Time -G Flip
*99 -Barns Courtney
*goodnight n go -Ariana Grande
*Get It -Busta Rhymes ft. Missy Elliot and Kelly Rowland
*745 -Vince Staples
*The Hamptons -Transviolet
*Goldmine Junkie -Big Grams
*Party For One -Carly Rae Jepsen





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