Coasters (Desktop Clean Up)

I decided my desktop could stand a cleanup. By “cleanup,” I really just mean dumping all of the much-ignored photo folders littering my desktop in a new desktop folder labeled “Put On Hard Drive” (because I’m still very 2007 that way), and then in a month or so I’ll actually find my hard drives and actually clear my desktop. Anyhow, I came across a few photos from way back when.

Throwback to last year when I (sort of) learned how to use a router and made an endless sea of coasters. Shoutout to the good people at MUD for the tools and Home Resource for all those low, low cost project supplies.

20170121_Coasters and Bookshelf_02

Coaster progression

Also, don’t mind me. I’ll just be weeping as I play this song on repeat for the next year.

Through My Headphones
*Agnes -Glass Animals


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