Themes of the GR-132

Took off on a hiking trip a few weeks ago. Takeaways: The GR-132 crushes, the views are wonderful, and my Spanish is still wretched. Overall, a spectacular trip.

We decided to hike the GR-132 counter-clockwise. Day 1 started at the tender hour of 11:30 a.m. and involved walking straight uphill for what felt like—and might have been—several hours.

Heading Straight Uphill was a reoccurring theme of the GR-132 and was closely followed by the also-reoccurring theme Heading Straight Downhill. Switchbacks were occasional; rocks were abundant.

20171117_La Comera Day 1_low res_01

Always terrific to see a rare switchback emerging from a valley ahead.

20171117_La Comera Day 1_low res_03

Rocks—An integral part of the GM-132.

Dusk came quickly. The town, alas, did not, and so we ended up dragging ourselves down trail in the dark. Since my knees had given up well before then, I spent a lot of time contemplating if it would be better to just lie down and roll myself and my pack down the trail to the valley below.

20171117_La Comera Day 1_low res_02

Dusk approaching with alarming speed.

Through My Headphones
*New Person, Same Old Mistakes -Tame Impala
*The Less I Know the Better -Tame Impala
*Family and Genus -Shakey Graves
*If Not For You -Shakey Graves
*True Love -Coldplay


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