Dawson Pitamakan

Throwback to July.

Dawson Pitamakan was scheduled smack dab in the middle of our summer hiking calendar. Alas, immediately after we finished the hike, the fires rolled in and our Montana hiking days were mostly finished. Disappointing to be sure, but Dawson Pitamakan was a pretty solid hike to wrap the summer up with.

We hit the trail at the tender hour of 10:00 or 11:00-something. Heaven forbid we actually get an early morning start.

20170722_Dawson Pitamakin_low res_01

Enjoying that mid-morning start.

Midway through, we ran into some other hikers who told us they’d spotted a wolverine.  Alas, it turned out to be a marmot.

20170722_Dawson Pitamakin_high res_02

Not a wolverine.

Lorde says it best.

Through My Headphones
*Supercut -Lorde


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