So There’s Snow In The Bitterroots…

Jumping ahead to the present…

After two months of heavy smoke and 80+-degree temperatures, the environment took a sharp turn. Buoyed with excitement, Micah, my sister, and I planned our first hike since July and chose Canyon Creek Trail.

Back in April, Micah and I attempted Canyon Lake. (Actually, to be honest, we attempted Blodgett Canyon, but apparently we can’t read signage and took a wrong turn.) It was a day filled with post-holing, ice, and at least one snow bridge. September seemed like a much better time of year to tackle Canyon Lake, so today we set off to enjoy a beautiful autumn hike.

There’s definitely snow in the Bitterroot, in case anyone’s curious. Apparently we are incapable of hiking this trail in snowless conditions.

After more losing the trail three or ten times, falling down an inappropriate number of times, sinking knee-deep into snow, and subsisting mostly on fruit snacks and salt water taffy, we finally made it, soaking wet, to Canyon Lake.

It was real swell.

20170923_Canyon Lake_low res_01

Enjoying the view. We stayed here for a total of five seconds and then hightailed it straight back to the car.

Through My Headphones
*Havana -Camila Cabello
*Goodbye -Who Is Fancy?


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