A Top-Ten Weekend (Boulder Falls)

It seemed a shame to waste Sunday after Saturday’s terrific trip to Glacier, so I hightailed it out to Boulder Falls with Micah. As we both hike by the motto “It’s the destination, not the journey,” we all but flew up the trail at a fabulous pace.

Boulder Falls did not disappoint.

20170604_Boulder Falls_low res_01

Almost there!

We saw nearly no one along the trail and ended up having the falls completely to ourselves. It was glorious.

20170604_Boulder Falls_low res_02

Boulder Falls in all of its raging glory.

All in all, a solid way to wrap up a top-ten weekend.

Through My Headphones
*Handful of Gold -Cazzette ft. JONES
*Cross My Mind -A R I Z O N A
* St. Patrick -PVRIS


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