A Top-Ten Weekend (The Season’s First Trip to Glacier)

I took an impromptu trip to Glacier a few weeks back. Per usual, I hit the road a bit later than I should have, so I crashed for the night at my favorite campground along the Flathead where I had a perfect hillside campsite and a rock beach to myself.

After trying (and mostly failing) to skip some stones, I headed back to my tent with a pretty solid book and a ridiculously bright moon. The rainfly stayed off and it was wonderful.


Path from the beach back to the campground.


Stones for days!

The next morning, I dragged myself out of the sleeping bag, and my bike and I headed to Glacier with the hope of beating the crowds up Going-to-the-Sun Road.

It mostly worked and I successfully snagged one of the last Avalanche Lake parking spots. Plus, I got on the road early enough to have most of my ride to myself. There is nothing like having the road almost to yourself.

The last mile of road was icy and snowy, so I walked my bike before ditching it completely for the last half mile. There is a lot of snow up at Logan Pass, I tell you. By the time I go there, my feet and the snow were level with the outhouse roof.

That roof made for a terrific lounging area, by the way.

Aside from me, Tyson from Iowa, and some other guy, Logan Pass was completely empty. And then, for a whole three minutes after they left, it was just me on the roof, a marmot, some mountains, some granola bars, and a bunch of snow on Logan Pass.


20170603_Biking Glacier_01

Lounging on the outhouse roof.

20170603_Biking Glacier_02

Still taking point-and-shoots to Glacier. Still a mistake.

Then I biked down, did a little cool-down hike to Avalanche Lake, and drove home.

Definitely a top-ten weekend.

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