Emma And I Host Our Own Cake Decorating Class

This weekend Emma and I attempted to take a cake decorating class. Alas, it didn’t work out. Luckily we are excellent at adapting and decided to instead hold our very own cake decorating class at Emma’s house. Decorating results were mixed, but we both agree that we are well on our way to spectacular things.

I opted for chocolate cake with a strawberry middle. My frosting contained four sticks of butter, a couple bags of powdered sugar, a little milk, and some strawberries that I boiled down. It was delicious and also a bit rich on the stomach.

It might have been my dinner.

And also my breakfast.

20170423_Chocolate Strawberry Cake_01

Rosette attempts

During our self-instructed cake decorating class, Emma taught me about crumb coats and how my cake really needed one. A crumb coat is an initial thin layer of frosting that keeps the crumbs from going everywhere. I gave it two crumb coats. In all honesty, it probably needed a third. Next time.

20170423_Chocolate Strawberry Cake_02

Verdict: Needed a third crumb coat.

Through My Headphones
*Real Love (Live) -Hillsong Young & Free


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