An Abundance of Enthusiasm (Jewel Basin, Pt. 2)

After our two-mile warmup jaunt to the trailhead, Micah and I took off down one of Jewel Basin‘s trails where we encountered a bit more snow. Luckily, we have terrific attitudes when it comes to the elements. Plus, it helped that a billion other hikers and snowshoers had come before us and stamped down the trail. After a few miles, we hit a saddle and got a pretty good glimpse at Twin Lakes.


Twin Lakes area in Jewel Basin.

Buoyed by our success of reaching the saddle, Micah and I reached a trail junction and decided to take our chances on a snowier trail. Off we tromped, full of enthusiasm and carving a path in shin/knee-deep snow. Trail blazing through the snow is hard, sweaty work I tell you.


Micah graciously providing some footprints for me and my tennis shoes to follow.

Eventually we completely lost both where the trail went and a chunk of our enthusiasm, plus the clouds were moving in. 1.5 hours and probably just as many miles later (snow hiking can be slow going, I tell you), we arrived, covered in snow, back at the junction and headed down the original trail.


Heading back to the trail junction. Twin Lakes off to the right.


Back on the original trail. Bless those snowshoers.

Also, here’s a photo of Micah earlier in the day when we had more smiles and enthusiasm.


There will be no photos of me because I approach every hike like I approach everything else: dressed poorly.

And here’s a photo of possibly poisonous berries. 20161120_jewel-basin_low-res_05

The last two miles from the trailhead to the car were brutal. We might have driven back to Missoula and made mulled wine.

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