Failed Costco Visits

Determined to put my free Costco membership to some use, Emma and I headed over with dreams of samples and gallon jugs of maple syrup floating in our brains. On the shopping list: BABY SPINACH. PEANUT BUTTER. CAN OPENER. FROZEN FRUIT. TOOTHPASTE.

But first we had to wander every single aisle.

As it turns out, Missoula’s Costco closes at 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays. Or if you’re Emma and me, Costco closes at 6:18 p.m. when an employee catches you wandering down the vitamin aisle during your quest to visit every. single. aisle. 

Apparently Emma and I would rather focus our attention on packs of 100 gel pens in every color and debate buying a life-sized stuffed bear than listen to the PA system.

And that’s how we left Costco empty-handed.

The end.


Emma, pre-Costco

Through My Headphones
*Graveyard -Devil Makes Three
*Hurricane -Halsey
*All Things At Once -Tired Pony


2 thoughts on “Failed Costco Visits

  1. Geez. You guys need some Costco pointers! 1) Know the stupid short hours. They open at like 10am. 2) Don’t go on weekends. 3) STICK TO THE LIST! If you don’t stick to the list you will end up with a lifetime supply of junk and -$150. 4) Plan to pay with cash, debit, or a Visa card. Better luck next time friend!

    • Ahahahahahahahaha! So much wisdom in a tiny paragraph, El! It sounds like this wisdom comes from a very personal place 😉 I plan to tackle my next Costco visit with these gentle words in mind!

      P.S. I might still get life-size bear, and I will never apologize.

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