Ahoy, Glacier! And Vanilla Coca-Cola.

Determined to make the most out of our three-day weekend, Dustin and I jumped in the car, egg salad sandwich in at least my hand, and headed up to Glacier. We wound up in Two Medicine in time for a short hike, so we decided to grab a few sodas and hoof it south on the CDT for a few miles with the hope of running into some thru hikers.

Adventure started the second I opened the car to grab my pack. Joining my pack’s exit were Vanilla Coke Cans #1, #2, and #3, which hit the pavement with terrific force and caused Cans #1 and #2 to explode and drench me in a sweet, syrupy rain. Those things are carbonated, let me tell you. Can #3 waited until I stuffed it back into the car before choosing to roll out once more, hit the pavement once more, and then explode all over me. Just when I thought I was safe. Bless.

(As retribution I later drank two of their comrades, guzzling each with perhaps more vengeance than necessary.)

In a moment a slight, sticky panic, I doused my syrupy self with most of my water (bears, yo), then Dustin and my soggy self headed up to Scenic Point. (Note to self: Point-and-shoot cameras aren’t worthy of Glacier. Stop bringing them.)

Scenic Point is quite scenic, let me tell you.


Two Medicine Lake




Scenic Point!


So excited to discover that Two Medicine Lake is right where we left it!

Have developed a faint obsession with Triple J, especially its Like a Version sessions.

Through My Headphones
*Breathe Life -Vera Blue
*Hold -Vera Blue
*Heavy as a Heartbreak -Just A Gent ft. LANKS




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