Strawberry-Mint Lemonade

A few weeks back, Liz and I swung by the farmers market where she introduced me to honey-Thai basil lemonade. Taste buds abound! Who knew lemonade could be so darn delicious?!

Since that fateful day, I’ve been on a lemonade kick. Batches of plain lemonade suddenly seemed boring, so I turned to honey lemonade, then strawberry lemonade, then strawberry-honey lemonade, then strawberry-mint lemonade. I like to store my little homemade concoctions in this brown glass jug that’s probably meant for beer, but since I hate beer, I usually fill it with some on-tap kombucha (another who knew? moment) and, more recently, batches of extra-sweet lemonade.


Here’s the lemonade recipe I started with several years back when I first blogged about lemonade. My recipe nowadays is basically the same—I just don’t measure anymore. This lack of measuring decision can get dangerous pretty quickly. Below are some rough estimates of my lemonade recipe.

Also, I forgot to take photos of the actual lemonade until I drank most of it. The end.


  • 5 or 6 lemons (fewer if you have an industrial juicer)
  • Around a 1/4c honey or agave
  • 2 or 3 tablespoons of white sugar (optional—sometimes I just add more honey)
  • Water
  • Any add-ins, like strawberries (I like to blend five or so frozen strawberries with a little water) or mint


  1. Combine honey, sugar, and around a 3/4 cup of water together and heat on the stove. Let the sugars dissolve, creating a simple syrup. If you’re wanting a mint lemonade, crush up the mint and toss it in the simple syrup. I like to grind it into the bottom of the pot to get the flavor out.
  2. While the sugars are dissolving, juice the lemons. I usually juice by hand. If you have an industrial juicer like Emma does, you’ll probably need fewer lemons. Those juicers are beasts, I tell you.
  3. Prepare additional add-ins (like strawberries) as you see fit.
  4. Remove the mint and combine the syrup with the lemon juice and any add-ins.
  5. Slowly add water while stirring until you get the desired taste. I prefer my lemonade sweet, so I don’t add a lot of water.


Through My Headphones
*Radio Silence -James Blake
*Complicated -Fitz and the Tantrums
*Genghis Khan -MS MR


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