Bike Packing For The Super Beginner

Back in May I drew up a list of 16 very short, very attainable summer goals. As August hedges into September (can a month even hedge?), I estimate that perhaps six of those goals have been accomplished, or at least partially accomplished.

(The thought was to offer some percentages of completed goals vs. uncompleted goals, but I moved and my summer goal list is still lost, maybe permanently, in the fray of all seven boxes of stuff that I own. A massive disappointment seeing as I do really love a good percentage.)

On that list, however, was to go bike packing at least once. Bike packing is a bit like backpacking, except on your bike. I’d never been bike packing before, but figured I’d just borrow Emma’s panniers and head down to the Bitterroot.

Apparently panniers require some sort of bike rack thing, which naturally I don’t own. What I do own is p cord, so I lashed my tent to my bike frame (thanks for the suggestion, Emma!), shoved my sleeping bag and some tortillas into a backpack, and set off.

While shifting gears around the tent was rather challenging and while I’d prefer not to mention the amount of time it took to bike the tiny number of miles to the campground, I am very pleased to be able to put a check in the bike packing box!

You know, once I find the summer goal list.

20160821_Bike Packing_01

The super beginner bike packer

Been listening to a lot of trashy music lately. It’s been delightful.

Through My Headphones
*Closer -The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey


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