Garden Vintage!

A long, long time ago I bought a pretty fantastic vintage dress that I’ve worn exactly never. It went into storage where it sat for many years until I found it recently and decided to make some use of it. As it turns out, Emma also has some vintage stuff she wanted to make use of as well. Obviously a garden-themed photoshoot was needed.


Naturally we needed a garden. Luckily Emma’s garden is producing one thousand sunflowers, a stark contrast to my two tomato plants that are constantly on death’s doorstep. Hang in there, little guys.

2016_Vintage Dresses_lowres_03

A few pieces from Emma’s vintage hat collection made appearances.

2016_Vintage Dresses_lowres_04

Sunflowers galore!

2016_Vintage Dresses_lowres_09

More excuses to use gradient maps. Sorrynotsorry.

2016_Vintage Dresses_lowres_10

Frolicking. Photo by Emma


Also Dustin introduced me to this Lucinda Williams’ song and it’s terrific.

Through My Headphones
*Can’t Let Go -Lucinda Williams
*Friends -Francis and the Lights ft. Bon Iver and Kanye West
*Wow -Beck


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