Free-Form Chill Wrap Up

What do you do when you only have a couple hours to spend in Glacier National Park and Going-To-The-Sun closes at Avalanche Lake? Hike to Avalanche Lake. Duh. Free-form chill, friends.20160529_Glacier_lowres_04


Sam’s first Glacier experience!



Avalanche Lake cairns

I had to be back in Missoula before 5 p.m., so after the world’s quickest hike, we jumped back in the car and took off down the road. In a fit on spontaneity, we decided to take Hwy 35 around Flathead for the drive back. Likely the most spontaneous decision ever made.

It was a beautiful drive, so we called Peter and described the scenery, which mostly consisted of shouting into the phone resting on the dashboard and getting a very muffled response in return. It turns out the flip phone’s speakerphone option still needs some improvements. Surprise.


Talking to Peter from the side of the road and admiring the view.

The following morning we decided to hike to the Mt. Jumbo summit, which I’d never actually hiked to. Shameful. It was toasty warm outside, but plaid shirts were still a must.

20160530_Mt Jumbo_lowres_bw_02

Plaid shirts stop for no heatwave.

Also there was sage everywhere, so we later made a sage-and-butter veggie pasta with Dustin. Fantastic decision.


Through My Headphones
*Something Good -alt-J



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