Free-Form Chilling To Find Egg Salad Sandwiches

Emma graciously invited me over to scam her Internet for blogging purposes. Alas, I’ve squandered this opportunity and now it’s late, she’s kicking me out, and I have zero blog to show for the last two hours. So in the few minutes before Emma really truly kicks me out, I am determined to pound something out on the keyboard.

On a road trip few years back, I fell in love with gas station egg salad sandwiches. It’s weird, I know, but something about that rubbery egg texture and squishy white bread really speaks to me.

Gas station egg salad sandwiches are strictly a road trip food, but when I’m road tripping, I spare no expense. Egg salad sandwiches for all! Unfortunately for me, egg salad sandwiches are a hard commodity to come by on the road up to Glacier.

Sam and I weren’t going to stand for that though. As a result, we stopped at four separate gas stations and also, in a moment of weakness, a grocery story.

Despite refusing to eat an egg salad sandwich, Sam was supportive of my quest and made me buy two when we finally found some. They were both delicious.



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2 thoughts on “Free-Form Chilling To Find Egg Salad Sandwiches

  1. I love those things, in a few weeks I’m setting off on a road trip and there is a secret little spot on the coast west from San Fransisco that has the best egg salad sandwiches ever. If I can pedal that far I’ll eat one for you 🙂

    • Please do!! They are my FAVORITE THINGS EVER. Just had one in the Denver airport that was very subpar. I’ll let ya know if I’m in the Bay Area because I want to visit this secret little spot. Have a great ride!

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