Free-Form Chill: Day 2

As it turns out, Sam owns zero plaid shirts (shameful), so I lent him my very best plaid shirt for the week. This particular shirt is courtesy of my former roommate Netta, who found it at that utterly fabulous second-hand store in Gustavus, Alaska.

This shirt is, my friends, the true definition of grungy plaid.

You see, there are two type of plaid in this world:

  • Fashion plaid, which is identifiable by its cleanliness, ability to be work-appropriate, and, if you’re super lucky, lace around the cuffs
  • Grungy plaid, which is identifiable by its missing buttons, holes, and general threadbareness. Made for adventuring, this plaid is work inappropriate. (Not that I’ve let this stop me for wearing it into the office.)
20160528_Trip to Glacier_lowres_02

Sam’s jubilance courtesy of grungy plaid and a sighting of the Missions!

Since Sam had precious few days in Montana, visiting Glacier was an absolute must. We took to the road in true free-form chill fashion (8 p.m.) and headed north, looping around Flathead Lake as the sun set. We decided to spend the night along the lake so we could watch the sunrise the following morning.

It was an excellent choice!

20160528_West Shore State Park_lowres_01

6 a.m. along Flathead Lake!

20160528_West Shore State Park_lowres_02

Montana mornings are chilly, even when wearing your best grungy plaid.


Through My Headphones

*Ophelia The Lumineers
*Kill Your Heroes -AWOLNATION


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