Free-Form Chill: Day 1

Sam came to visit me recently, which was quite nice. It was his first time in Montana, so I figured I should plan out an epic week of whirlwind adventures for us to do. Sam, however, had other plans. Or a lack of plans.

Instead, this became the week that Sam introduced me to free-form chill, which I’m pretty sure is a made-up term.

A fantastic made-up term.

Free-form chill is where you’re up for anything that jumps in your way and take adventure as it comes. Or something like that.

So we free-form chilled our way through Missoula, ended up at the base of Sentinel and went to the tippy top.

20160527_Mt Sentinel_lowres_02

Free-form chilling at the M.

20160527_Mt Sentinel_03

Free-form chilling at the cave.

20160527_Mt Sentinel_lowres_01

20160527_Mt Sentinel_05

Some flowers getting their free-form chill on.

20160527_Mt Sentinel_07

The top!

We got to the top around 8:30 p.m. and admired the view before deciding the night was still young. So we descended and drove over to Weir Hot Springs in Idaho.

Like you do.

Pro tip: The Weir Hot Springs pool is pretty empty if wait until midnight to roll up there.

Through My Headphones
*Falling Faster Than You Can Run -Nathaniel Rateliff


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