Elusive Fish And Living Room Adventures

The days I went without my computer were spent pining for my computer so I could do more trail posts. Now that I have my computer, I of course have done zero trail posts, yet have visited Taylor Swift’s Instagram page an inappropriate number of times.

Instead here are some photos of me being an adventurer in my very own living room, which mostly meant moving all my still-packed moving boxes to the side for an impromptu photo shoot.

20160511_Self Portraits_01


Did I mention I bought an awesome green couch? It cost $25 and might rival my legendary yellow couch. It is a bit itchy, really heavy, and wonderfully perfect.

Dustin disagrees, but I digress.

Also, my grandpa gave me one of his old fly rods and Dustin gave me his old waders, so I’m slowly learning to fly fish.

Currently 0-5, the fish have the lead, but the summer is still young.

20160511_Self Portraits_02_low res

The face you make when the fish routinely outsmart you. Elusive fish.

Also I found my old song list from high school. Sorrynotsorry.

Through My Headphones
*Love Me Like The World Is Ending -Ben Lee
*Catch The Sun -Jamie Callum


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