Pinchot Pass Is Terrible, Plus A Visit Up Eminem’s Pass

It took 100 miles before deciding that my decision to not carry camp shoes was actually a terrible one. So I got a pair of flip-flops in Independence.

Camp shoes are incredible. In real life, flip-flops are awful, but in backpacking land, they’re cheap, lightweight pieces of joy at the end of each day when you finally take your tennis shoes off for good.

A couple of days after leaving Independence, I left the tent to grab something from my pack. Seeing as I’d just purchased my very own pair of camp shoes, one would presume that I’d have slipped them on before going out.

I didn’t and promptly wound up with a tiny stick thing broken off in the bottom of my heel.

Dustin attempted a little tweezer extraction, but alas, the stick thing just crumbled a bit and stayed lodged in my foot. So I did the next-best thing and just ignored it. I’m not entirely certain what happened to my little friend, but either he eventually wiggled his way out of my foot or just got sucked into my bloodstream.

You know. One of the two.

Day 15 meant climbing over Pinchot and Mather Passes, which I knew absolutely nothing about because everyone bemoaned Forester and Glen Passes to be the toughest passes and they were pretty OK, so I figured we were in the clear.

This was not true and when I finally dragged myself to the top of Pinchot Pass, I treated myself to the Knorr’s Alfredo Pasta Side typically reserved for dinner and broke Dustin’s spoon in half in the process.

In case you’re curious, Pinchot Pass was the absolute worst pass along the JMT.

20150623_Day 15_03 low res

Glancing back from the top of Pinchot Pass. It actually looks sort of easy from this photo. Maybe it’s because my tears leveled the trail.

The view was great, of course.

20150623_Day 15_01_low res

Dustin and a rusty mountain.

Mather Pass was much nicer, minus the nearby stealth marmot. Marmots are just the James Bonds of the animal world – cunning, sneaky, and a bit hedonistic.

20150623_Day 15_02 low res

Napping on Mather Pass. I tried convincing Dustin we should call it Eminem’s Pass, but alas it never stuck.

Also, Taurean Prince’s response to why Yale out-rebounded Baylor is the best video I’ve seen all week. Or maybe ever.

Through My Headphones
#Beautiful -Mariah Carey ft. Miguel


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