Laser Cutting (A PCT Pause)

I’m going to (mostly) leave the PCT topic for a hot second to focus on a DIY Christmas present, which still fits into my theme of Blog-Posts-From-Occurences-Of-Long-Ago.

Last spring Dustin discovered I’d never played backgammon. He was horrified. So I learned how to play backgammon and instantly became obsessed. Naturally I couldn’t just put down my new obsession when I started hiking, so Dustin, in a burst of Sharpie marker creativity, turned our Tyvek ground cloth into a slew of lightweight gaming classics.

20150701_Day 23_01 low res

Tyvek: The material of choice for all backgammon fiends.

Post-trail I figured I’d better pull together a more permanent backgammon board solution. It seemed like a good DIY Christmas present idea to give to Dustin.

Of course there was the looming issue of My Lack Of Wood Working Skills.

Luckily my dad has access to a laser cutter. I drafted up a few designs, my dad tweaked them a bit, some laser cutting happened, a couple coats of stain later and voilà! Backgammon board.

Board design going through a few iterations.

20151220_Backgammon board_01

Board pre-matte stain.

Naturally the board has a mountain/forest theme. Green stain achieved with food coloring and rubbing alcohol.

20151222_Backgammon board_01

Board and board pieces post-matte stain.

Inspiration pulled from Super-Crafts and Instructables. Technical details, laser cutting, wood work, and trouble shooting by my dad. Design and stain by me. So yes, I gifted Dustin a present that was 87% completed by my father and 13% by me.

Through My Headphones
*Your Design-Grace Mitchell


5 thoughts on “Laser Cutting (A PCT Pause)

  1. This is so cool Kat! I hope you are well and I am going to catch up on your adventures through your blog soon. Also I love in alaska again now, whenever you want to visit SE let me know!

    • What what! Back in Alaska? What are you up to there? I’ll need to get your new address! A visit one day would be oh so swell. Similarly, if you’re is western Montana, I just moved back, so please visit! Hope all is well in your life!

  2. This is amazing! Board games on Tyvek is genius. Regretting carrying a polycro groundsheet instead of the Tyvek one I left at home. 😏 and that wooden board is beautiful!! 👍🏻👍🏻

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