Planning For 2,000 Miles Of Food Is Exhausting. So We Just Didn’t.

(This is rather boring if you aren’t interested in food on long-distance hiking trips. And there are no interesting photos. So your time might be better spent reading something else for today.)

The PCT is around 2,650 miles long. Based on when our jobs would wrap up, Dustin and I decided to start the trail June 9 at Walker Pass with the goal of hiking roughly 2,000 miles of trail.

Apparently food and food resupply is rather important when long-distance hiking. Everyone has their own strategies when it comes to resupplying, but we chose to not buy food for the entire trail ahead of time on advice that:

  • We would cover more/fewer miles than anticipated
  • Fires would disrupt the trail
  • Food hatred is real and
  • There’s always a chance of quitting.

Solid advice.

(Except for the quitting part, because that was just not going to be an option.)

(Unless we broke a leg or something.)


Instead we decided to plan and buy for the first 400 miles, complete those 400 miles, and then plan and buy for the next 400-500 miles. So for the first 400 miles, we estimated our daily mileage, planned our stops, shopped for food, and mailed boxes from home.

Because we were never Boy Scouts (“Be Prepared”), we did all our planning, shopping and mailing in the three days before leaving for the trail. And because we focused more on cheap than nutritional, our diet was comprised mostly of Knorr pasta and rice sides and Idahoan mashed potatoes. And also this peanut butter/Nutella/Snickers/white chocolate chip mixture that Dustin concocted. It was delicious and also a little overwhelming on the taste buds.

This is what I like to refer to as Being Adult.

20150603_PCT Food_01

Diligently planning.


Pro tip: Chocolate in trail mix melts in the desert.

20150602_PCT Food_01

Maybe enough food to make it from Walker Pass to South Lake Tahoe. Or maybe not.

Through My Headphones
*Hunger -Of Monsters And Men
*Lake House -Of Monsters And Men


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