The Quickest Way To Canada (Is Not Walking)

Unless you live really, really close to the Canadian border, or perhaps just live in Canada, the quickest way to Canada is to log on to Expedia and buy an airplane ticket. Other societally-appropriate, viable and quick methods of travel might include car or train or bus.

The quickest way to Canada is definitely not to walk to Canada.

So naturally Dustin and I walked to Canada.

When I was 12 or 13, my mom and I read A Walk in the Woods and A Walk Across America, books about men who try to walk stupidly long distances for fun. I thought this seemed like a terrific idea and shelved it for When I Turn Into An Adult.

Then 10 or 15 years later I met Dustin and lo and behold, he, too, had a long-distance hiking dream.

Our long-distance hiking knowledge was limited though, and so we turned to the blogging universe, which delivered us Matt and Julie. Matt and Julie are triple-crowners and also long-distance hiking Jedis who calmed our fears and recommended trails over The Skype. The Skype is a wondrous piece of technology, I tell you.

And by the end of the conversation, thanks to Matt and Julie, Dustin and I decided to see how much of Pacific Crest Trail we could hike.

Time to fulfill some childhood dreams.

20150707_PCT Day 29_01

Hey Pacific Crest Trail. Let’s be friends.

Music courtesy of my dad.

Through My Headphones
*Battleflag -Lo Fidelity Allstars


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