Bus Rides: An Anniversary Story

A little over a year ago, my sister and I took the ride of our lives through some of Peru’s backcountry roads. In fact, the roads were so backcountry that the bus driver actually stopped to ask for directions at one point. True story.

Naturally one year anniversaries, especially one year anniversaries of harrowing bus rides, demand commemoration of some sort, and so it felt high time to commemorate this part of our lives through a quilted pillow.


20150414_Pillow Design 01

Shoutout to this website for its VW Bus pattern, which I borrowed liberally from. Shoutout also to Kroger, whose paper bags provide an endless supply of second uses.

20150418_Pillow without words 01

Commemoration pillow!

Through My Headphones

*Hello Dolly -Louis Armstrong


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