Are You There Blog? It’s Me, Kat.

I’ve kept a blog relatively religiously for the past five years and then, a couple months ago, I just stopped. There was no real reason behind stopping–I just did. A hiatus, if you will, and apparently a semi-permanent one.

Out of nowhere today, though, I got a little bit of an itch to post something. Actually, it wasn’t really out of nowhere. It was more like a nagging itch that’s been occurring throughout the hiatus and it got to the point where I was like, FINE FINE FINE BLOG GUILT. YOU WIN. I’LL POST SOMETHING. GEEZ. SHUT UP. So I went through the precious few photos taken during this hiatus, determined I’ve turned into the laziest hobby photographer ever, and watched the blog guilt doubled.

Thanks a lot, blog.

(On the plus side, the hiatus gave me the opportunity to use the blog title above, which I’m a little overly proud of.)

So here are some photos from a hike-walk-camping thing with Dustin in Bienville National Forest back in March.20150329_Bienville National Forest 02.1

Getting our hike-walk on.

On a side-not-so-side note, during my hiatus, my tennis shoes approached Lawn Mowing Status. Lawn Mowing Status is when my good tennis shoes become my lawn mowing tennis shoes and I drag myself to the shoe store to get a new pair. Usually these shoe store trips happen about six months after they should have happened. Since I tend to delay things like buying new shoes, perhaps one might think I take extra good care of my shoes.

I don’t.

So there I was, wandering through Bienville National Forest in some new-ish shoes, when I tried to clear a creek, landed in the mud and lost my shoe. I tie my shoes pretty tightly, so I was really impressed.

20150329_Bienville National Forest 01My new shoe enjoying Bienville National Forest. I’ve cropped out some of the creek so it is less apparent how utterly tiny this thing was.

Through My Headphones

*Out Go The Lights -Spoon


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