All Aboard The Productivity Train (And Also Knowledge Building To The MAXIMUM)

While I’m at it, I might as well double post. The thought of saving this post for another day did cross my mind, but given my recent blogging track record, that may be 43 days from now. I’d prefer to stay on this productivity train as long as it’s running.


I work for a department called Knowledge Ministry. It’s basically like the Ministry of Magic except with fewer wands and no Voldemort.

Does Knowledge Ministry ever stop knowledge building? No, no we don’t. Our knowledge-building caps are on all day, every day because we are knowledge-building overachievers. Which is why, a few Saturdays ago, Sarah, Alan, and I found ourselves trying to build/rebuild a garden box that Alan found on the side of the road. Honorary-KMer Dylan also joined, which was good because Dylan has actually built stuff before.

20150404_Garden box 02

Sawing through pallets for what turned out to be no reason at all, but it made us feel really productive and also tough.

(It should be noted that I was fired from the position of Hammerer of Nails for what I will grudgingly accept was for very good reason. It should also be noted that I might be the reason why the garden box suffers from a painfully poor nail job on at least one side.)

20150404_Garden box 03

Alan and Dylan repurposing the garden box like champs. They didn’t even drill in reverse20150404_Garden box 01Annie Dog attempting to lend Sarah a paw.

Through My Headphones
*The Mess -The Naked and Famous


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