Socks: A Portrait (Plus Embracing My Inner Old Lady)

I had worked at my job for about four or five months when I decided it was high time time to whip out the Chaco-sock look that I so enthusiastically sport during the colder months. The Memphis winterish months (in the north we refer to this weather as “Spring”) are perfect for comfy wool socks.

You know what’s fancy? Pairing the Chaco-wool sock look with dress pants and a blouse. Show stopper.

Anyway, I had a half day a while back and while padding around the house in my best pair of wool socks, decided it was high time for a sock photo shoot.

Go, socks, go!

20141231_Self_Portrait_With_Socks_02The socks go quite nicely* with these shorts, which were a whole 75 cents and courtesy of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore clothing bin, where clothes are a dollar a pound.

*Please. I’m a supporter (and possible founder??) of Double Plaid. Not only that, I’m of the belief that Double Plaid is acceptable business casual. We all know I have no business saying what types of clothing go nicely with other types.

Also, check out Mabel & Maude, my side blogging project with the ever-fabulous Emma a.k.a. Mabel. It’s a monthly challenge project of ours that basically gives us an excuse to learn something new each month and talk about being premature old ladies and stuff.

And now I’m going to go stuff my face with warm bread. My bread recipe has about an 83% success rate. 100% or bust!!
Putting the throw-back headphones on!

Through My Headphones
*Give Me One Reason -Tracy Chapman


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