Saturday Morning Spray Painting

My coworker Jerica is dedicated to making Memphis more awesome. This is because Jerica is swell.

And so that’s how Saturday morning was spent spray painting trash cans for the neighborhood, because spray painting in a tiny office is always a good way to spend Saturday.

I didn’t actually spray paint anything, which was a little sad because last year’s trip to Austin proved that I actually have some mad spray painting skills tucked up my sleeves.


Ken prepping for some Saturday morning spray painting.


Whiteboard walls are always an excellent choice. I plan to have a few in my future yurt.

20141101_Operation_Crosstown_Trash_Cans_03.1Finding someone who knows what he’s doing is usually a solid decision when it comes to indoor spray painting. Thanks Eric.

Chandler and a kiddo, being fabulous.

20141101_Operation_Crosstown_Trash_Cans_06.1Ain’t they beauts?

Through My Headphones
*Bangarang -Doomtree


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