Midnight Typing Tests And A Photo Shoot (The Measure Of True Friendship)

Emma came all the way from Montana to visit me, which was very kind of her. Our friendship is formed on a variety of things, like warm bread, frugality, late-night dumpster diving, fast-paced card games and apparently typing tests administered in the wee hours of the morning.

Sometime shortly before midnight, Emma and I decided the proper way to spend Friday evening would be to challenge one another to typing test contests. After whipping through the English tests, we moved on to the Spanish, French and German ones. And also the svenska ones, which is Swedish. Based on the dismal 36 wpm score I received, my Swedish is not up to par and I should never moved to Sweden.

Emma, on the other hand, racking up around 60 wpm with a svenska test, despite the fact that the reading was peppered with weird letters we don’t even have on the keyboard.

Because I am a true friend, I felt nothing but happiness for her and her accomplishments.

Also, we went to Habitat Restore where clothes are a dollar a pound (which is exactly the right price in our books). After 60 minutes of digging, we walked out with $3.64 worth of clothes, which is actually a lot of clothing.

Mandatory photo shoot. 


My use of gradient maps are getting out of control.


Okay, gradient maps are on hold for the moment. Whew.


This light thing, on the other hand, is not on hold at all. 20141025_Emma_Simuns_06Just a quick note, this is what most of the photos looked like, but because I am a kind and caring friend, I chose not to share them until the very end of the blog post.

It was quite nice having Emma model. Photographing people I barely know is very scary, so I usually solve this by photographing myself, which is not terrible enjoyable. It might be enjoyable for the four or five people who share our yard and who might enjoy peeking their heads out the window to watch me look rather foolish zipping around the backyard with my camera.

Through My Headphones
*The Devil Is All Around -Shovels & Rope


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