Sunday Morning Pumpkins, Inspirational Speeches And Harry Styles

Emma, Dustin and I carved pumpkins this morning, which was a nice way to spend Sunday morning. Koz watched and was also Emma’s muse. A very soft muse.


Serious pumpkin carving and Mario design research at hand.

At my demand, we removed every last pumpkin seed from the pumpkins so we could roast them. There was a lot of whining about the extra work and pumpkin guts and whatnot, but I gave Emma and Dustin a little profanity-laden inspirational speech and the work got done. Hooray for roasted pumpkin seeds!

20141026_Pumpking_Carving_02.2Koz and Emma’s Koz-inspired pumpkin, a spitting image.

Also, I carved Harry Styles’ face into my pumpkin, but then I put a screwdriver through his nostril for aesthetic purposes, which was very rude. In an effort to be less rude, I’ve decided not to post a photo of my very Harry pumpkin.

Through My Headphones
*Wind Don’t Have To Hurry -John Hiatt


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