Dangerous Levels Of Fancy (More Montana Mornings And Wasting Paper)

A few weeks ago I went to visit some friends in Montana. The last time I visited Montana, I became fast friends with Death Trap the Subaru Loyale. Death Trap was there for me in a time of great need (driving to mountains), and so I really can’t say enough fabulous things about Death Trap.

After more than a year apart, Death Trap and I caught up with each other. It’s always nice to get reacquainted with such loyal friends. I also spent some time with Death Traps #2 and #3. And also Megan’s Car, which has airbags, working seat belts, and I don’t think you can see the road through the floor board, so it shall just be referred to as Megan’s Car.


Speaking of loyal friends, Megan, Emma and Erin once took a 36-hour bus ride to visit me. They are very loyal friends. I am not that loyal and I totally flew my way to Montana. We didn’t take any buses this trip, but Megan, Emma and I did hit up a pretty fancy tea shop.

Kids, listen up. There are times in this life where it is simply not safe to single-handedly handle so much fancy. This was one of those times.

Let me tell you, the three of us teamed up and took that fancy head-on.


Getting ready to tea it up at the fabulous Lake Missoula Tea Company.


I’ve been racking my brain for the types of tea we tried, but all I can remember is that one of us had the very delicious Who Chic blend. I’m tempted to say that the Holy Basil blend made an appearance as well, but I’m only like 93% certain of this.


Pinkies out. Fancy people abound.

Also, I discovered Photoshop’s Gradient Map tool this week (see above). I’ll probably be using the Gradient Map an uncomfortable amount in the next six months’ of photos, so I’ll just apologize in advance. Sorry.

Also, here are some photos from the Griz Homecoming Parade that happened earlier in the day.


I thought these gentleman were handing out beer to parade goers. Beer is pretty low on my list of tolerable drinks, so I took a very definite pass. But then it turned out to be root beer and I instantly regretted my decision.

20140927_Griz_Homecoming_01Fabulous hats.

On a side note, this week realized that I’ve recently been going through more paper than usual in my work notebook. Then I remembered that, until my free sample work headphones broke Tuesday, all I did was listen to the Current nonstop, so clearly I needed to write down the name of every song played. Because, you know, the Current doesn’t have playlists dating to the minute going back ages and ages ago.

(Just joking. It totally does.)

But anyway, have a few Current-approved songs straight out of my work notebook:

Through My Headphones
*Last War -Haley Bonar
*Let ‘Em Say -Lizzo & Caroline Smith
*Tessellate -Alt-J



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