(Xtra)Tufing It Out In Tennessee

To my absolute delight, about a million bolts of lightening and just as many thunder claps woke me up this morning, and so I decided today was the perfect day to introduce Tennessee to the Tufs. The Tufs are prime storm stompin’ boots.

Naturally the Tufs needed to be paired with corduroy pants and a thick wool sweater, which are very suited for chilly rainy days, and so, naturally, six seconds after I arrived at work, the sky cleared up and the sun beat down on all things wool and Tuf.

Thanks a lot Tennessee. At least I had my camera with me.


Gazing out to future work home as the storm beats a hasty retreat.


And again.


And again, because choosing between color and black and white was clearly too difficult of a task for my wee brain.

Through My Headphones
*Cigarette Song -Raury


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