2014’s Garden Harvest (Revisited) And Suffering From A Bad Case Of Poor Musical Taste

I tried to grow some corn this summer, but sadly, like the rest of my garden, it just didn’t quite take. The corn stalks now serve as stakes for the tomato plants, which also aren’t producing anything. Here are some photos of me holding what’s left of the corn harvest.

Also, I spent 25 minutes outside photographing, which resulted in an impressive 45 mosquito bites.


A remnant of 2014’s corn harvest.


There’s always next year for an edible corn harvest. Until then, corn mustaches are very vogue. P.S. I’m practicing my side French braids. Very much a work in progress.


Also, in effort to regain some sort of musical respect (and a certain few friendships), I’ve gone back to an old love, The Current. Goodbye, Ariana Grande (even though you have a really spectacular voice).

Through My Headphones
*Moaning Lisa Smile -Wolf Alice
*From Now On -Delta Spirit
*Two Weeks -Twigs




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