Secret Doors, Sydney Dog And Rock For Love

Church Health Center hosted its annual Rock for Love benefit a few weeks back. Photos from Friday’s celebration!

I was planning to spend most of my time actually listening to Rock for Love concerts, but then I got distracted by the Cleveland Street Flea Market and somehow spent most of the evening pursuing the aisles. Who knew sequins on clothing were so in?


Stick ‘Em Food Truck in front of the Center’s future home.

On our way out of the flea market, we stumbled into story booth and of course had to take a look.

20140905_Rock_For_Love_03story booth has a super secret door built right into the wall, which is just all sorts of magical.

20140905_Rock_For_Love_02And then through the wall door, after you go through the wall door, it just gets more magical because you enter this room and there are so. many. books! And also at least one ladder.
20140905_Rock_For_Love_04And also this lightbulb. Ug. Too much magical to even handle.
20140905_Rock_For_Love_05Finally getting on over to an actual Rock for Love event, where a visit with Sydney Dog happened. Sydney Dog is so fab.
Through My Headphones
*Bad Dreams -Phantogram


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