Georgia Waterfalls, Rain, Game Of Thrones And Free Fancy Radio

Sometimes Adventure Buddy trips to Georgia are mandatory, so Dustin and I traded Memphis for Georgia last weekend to hike Panther Creek Trail.

After surviving an unfortunate 1:30 a.m. incident involving a gas station salad and really old blue cheese dressing, we arrived at the trailhead’s empty parking lot, high fived each other for finding such a remote spot, set up the tent and went to sleep.

The chorus of three school buses of kiddos and a youth group filling the not-so-remote trailhead woke us up, and so we ended up sharing the hike with three school buses of kiddos, a youth group and also an overly-friendly wasp. All in all, a good morning.

Minus the wasp.


Dustin somewhere along Panther Creek Trail.

As we arrived at Panther Creek Falls, so did storm clouds threatening to shower us with an ample supply of raindrops. Once that happened, the other hikers scattered and we claimed Panther Creek Falls for ourselves.


Game of Thrones reading marathons stop for no waterfalls.


Nothing beats camp dinner. Duh.


Everything turned a little pink before rainstorm #139,553 hit. It was pretty. And then we dove for the tent.

Also, Sirius XM radio magically appeared in my car last week before not-so-magically shutting off once someone over there realized I don’t pay for that type of fancy. I might have bitterly wept on my steering wheel the morning it disappeared. But shoutout to Alt Radio for my new favorite song.

Through My Headphones
*Take Me To Church -Hozier


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