Yurt Dreams And Koz’s Namesakes

In the name of fundraising and such, my coworkers and I put on our craftiest pants and made some quilt squares for the Rock for Love auction. The theme was dreams, which was easy-peasy because of course my dream is very much to build a yurt.

Three years ago my life was forever changed when I stumbled into a yurt home in some Alaskan forest. Since then my days are filled with yurt dreams. Initially I planned to build a yurt from scratch, but given my track record of building things, I’m mostly planning on buying a kit from a site like this one or perhaps this one.

(Or maybe one day I’ll learn how to not drill in reverse and actually be able to build one from scratch.)

Plus tonight I just learned that Shelby Farms has its very own yurt. My yurt will look like the Shelby Farms yurt, except minus the televisions. And also minus probably 93% of the furniture. My yurt will also have a loft, a fire place and perhaps a hammock. Duh.


Me, my square and the office orchid hard at work, clearly.

In other news, Dustin and I discovered that Koz the Kitty shares his name with saxophonist Dave Koz and this NOLA restaurant.

Through My Headphones

*Wildest Moments -Jessie Ware
*Hide -FKA Twigs


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